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10% discount on energy monitoring products & services

10% discount on energy monitoring products & services

If you are a commercial, industrial, community or large domestic user of energy, Argand Solutions can offer our data analytical and energy monitoring installation services at a 10% discount if paid in Totnes Pounds.

Argand Solutions provides a "one stop shop" energy monitoring solutions business.

In essence, we provide a vertically integrated offering for commercial and industrial clients whereby we:

• design, build and install energy monitoring systems;
• securely extract and store energy and power quality data for clients in the “cloud”
• visualise the data via our web interface; and then
• provide an integrated approach such that clients can visualise energy demand, generatin & water via one platform.
• use the data to provide insights into technical opportunities for cost reduction / income generation

Our service exceeds typical energy monitoring offerings by also collecting data that enables clients to understand their energy system integrity – developing insights into how close they are to system limits and areas to assist in mitigating business critical risks from their energy system. In addition, this data can be used to ensure capital savings are made through the creation of predictive maintenance strategies.

In addition, our products and services are based upon open-source protocols allowing us to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and also with existing software.

Our philosophy is to use existing hardware where possible to mitigate additional cost, and our open source "systems integrator" approach allows us to ensure that capital outlay is minimised and relevant data for analysis maximised.

Our goal is to use energy and power quality data to its fullest extent to help commercial and industrial clients achieve their key goals of delivering products / services in ways that maximise the effectiveness of their energy system.

Finally, we provide clients with our energy reduction consultancy services. For a monthly fee of 0.5% of their annual energy cost we analyse client data and provide investment-focused advice on energy reduction & generation opportunities. This fee is capped at the savings we are able to deliver to a customer so the client will never spend more than they are saving from our consultative advice.