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50% off a Marketing Roadmap session

Are you fed up with faffing around trying to decide what marketing you should be doing, how you should be doing it and who should be doing it?

You’re not alone!

These days so many micro and small business owners struggle with indecision, overwhelm and a lack of clarity and structure to their marketing. There’s a ton of choice and no shortage of expert help but what do you really need?

A couple of hours of focused attention on your marketing will help you gain some clarity and set the direction you need to achieve what you want.

I can help guide and assist you through the maze so that you get through to the other side with some clarity and your sanity in tact!

If you need further support from me or from anyone else in any aspects of your marketing then we will identify that too.

Ready for some relief?

The MARKETING ROADMAP session will finally bring you some CLARITY.

You need to invest 90 minutes and just t£75 instead of £150!


Now based in Totnes, I'm a transformational marketing coach with over 20 years sales & marketing experience for Blue Chip companies to small start-ups. I've set up and run my own small businesses, including a social enterprise and I'm part of the Totnes Pound group. I'm passionate about both modern marketing and helping small, local, sustainable business owners achieve what they desire.

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm