How it works for individuals

Totnes Pounds are available in electronic or paper form.

Paper Totnes Pounds

You can start using paper Totnes Pounds straight away, just exchange some sterling pounds at one of our issuing points and then spend them in some of the many businesses in our directory.


Electronic Totnes Pounds: e-t£s

Totnes Pounds is not just a paper currency now. From October 20th 2014 you can spend the currency electronically. online or with your mobile phone, simply by setting up an account.

What's it all about?

  • PAY-BY-TEXT; you can pay by SMS using any mobile phone
  • Send and receive payments electronically in e-t£ 
  • Totnes Pound local online shopping.
  • Local charities receive donations through the scheme
  • Loyalty scheme rewards you for supporting local businesses

Follow these two simple steps to start using electronic Totnes Pounds:

  1. Sign up for an account by clicking here
  2. Put some money in your account - find out how to do that here
That's it! Now you can 
Pay By Text or pay others using your online account.

Loyalty Rewards

When you buy with e-t£s you will earn loyalty reward e-t£s that can be redeemed for future purchases or donated to a local charity.


Changing e-t£s back to sterling

If you need to change e-t£s back into sterling you will be charged a 2% fee, however, we are waiving this fee until 1st Jan 2015.


If you pay another individual (not a business) by PAY-BY-TEXT you will be charged 2% (minimum 10p, maximum £1.99). This gives everyone time to adjust to the system and keep those e-t£s circulating!