Meet The Team

The Totnes Pound has been developed by a team of local people, almost entirely on a voluntary basis.

As from June 2014 we have been joined by Graham Woodruff, Nathaniel Holmes and Chantelle Norton. As from mid-October 2014 we also have an electronic version of the Totnes Pound, with funding from the Technology Strategy Board. For more details see here.

The current active team is:

Chantelle Norton

Originally from Torbay, Chantelle has joined the Totnes Pound team as Project Manager to take the Totnes pound online and to offer digital ways to pay for goods and services using local currencies. She is a scientist and a small business owner. She is a Director of Totnes Pound Community Interest Company.

Graham Woodruff

Graham is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of both the Totnes Pound, and is the overall Project Lead for the electronic Totnes Pound project. He is director of technology company Clay Mallet Limited and of the carbon neutral Bristol Green Hosting. Graham also co-founded the Bristol Drawing School, is a fellow of the RSA and a patron of the RWA.

Nathaniel Holmes

Since moving to Totnes in 2009 Nathaniel has been teaching and studying for a PhD at the University of Exeter. He is currently working as Coordinator of the Totnes Food Hub and has joined the Totnes Pound team as Researcher for the pilot Town Pound project which will take local currencies online. He is a Director of Totnes Pound Community Interest Company.

Mark Burton

A doctoral student at the University of Bristol, Mark is using his research to instigate practical change towards a sustainable and just financial system. He teaches on the nature of the financial system and possible alternatives. He is a Director of the Bristol Pound.

Ben Brangwyn

Ben's background is in marketing, customer support and organisational change in international hi-tech businesses. However, a growing awareness of climate change, economic injustice and society’s addiction to fossil fuels compelled him away from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution. As a result, he co-founded Transition Network and decided to devote his time to helping catalyse and support community-level responses to the biggest challenges of our times.
Within Transition Network, Ben coordinates International Development. In his local initiative, Transition Town Totnes, Ben is DoctorBike and an active member of the Totnes Pound team.
Ben has two sons, Josh 24, Ollie 21, and hopes they'll inherit a human-scale world with a human-friendly climate.

Sally Croft

Sally is an accountant with many years experience working with small charities, social enterprises and small businesses.

John Elford

John was Managing Director of Green Books (publishers of The Transition Handbook and many other books on environmental issues) for over 25 years, and a member of the Schumacher Society Council for many years. He is a trustee of the Environmental Research Association, the charity behind the Network of Wellbeing. He is a Director of Totnes Pound Community Interest Company.

Karen Hunt

Karen is a marketing coach, consultant and trainer who works with small, independent businesses with a passion for ethical, natural and sustainable practices.

William Lana

William is co-founder and owner of Greenfibres, an organic textile company based in Totnes. He is a trustee of several charities including the Environmental Justice Foundation and the Transition Network.